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Big2Small is a goofy homebrew puzzle game for the original Game Boy and Game Boy Color.  Travel through forests, farmland, sewers, and more to help Elle the elephant, Gisele the goat, and Melanie the mouse find delicious food in 40 unique puzzles.  Use each animal's different abilities together to manipulate and maneuver past rivers, mouse holes, giant pipes, shrubs, mousetraps, and other obstacles.

Big2Small is free, and should work in any Game Boy or Game Boy Color emulator (or even on real hardware, if you have a flash cart).  SameBoy is a great emulator option.

Some of the art/music assets in Big2Small were derived from CC0 or public domain sources.  A special thanks to ArMM1998 and Pixel Pete in particular for sharing some of their great work for free use!


big2small.gb 64 kB

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